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Ministry of Urban Development & Natural Resources
Functions of MinistryFunctions of Ministry

The functions of the Ministry of Planning Resources And Environment (MRPE) are as follows :

  • To provide outline on the government's policies concerning forestry, development of land and natural resources as well as physical planning development of the state.
  • To propose amendments on policies as stated below :

  • (i) Land Code Cap. 81 (1958 Edition)
    (ii) The Land Code (Development & Subdivision of Land) (Qualified Persons) Rules, 1998
    (iii) Land Surveyors Ordinance, 2001
    (iv) Land Use (Control of Prescribed Trading Activities) Ordinance, 2007
    (v) Building Ordinance, 1994
    (vi) Strata Title Ordinance
    (vii) Mining Ordinance, 2004
    (viii) Forest Ordinance Cap. 126 (1958 Edition)
    (ix) The Forest Rules, 1962
    (x) The Forests (Planted Forests) Rules, 1997
    (xi) Forests (Trained Workmen) Rules, 2007
    (xii) National Parks and Nature Reserved Ordinance 1998
    (xiii) The National Parks and Nature Reserved Regulations, 1998
    (xiv) The Wildlife Protection Ordinance, 1998
    (xv) The Wildlife Protection Rules, 1998
    (xvi) The Wildlife Protection (Edible Bird's Nests) Rules, 1998
    (xvii) Public Parks and Green Ordinance, 1993
    (xviii) The Timber Grading Regulations, 2007
    (xix) Forest Concession Area (Rehabilitation and Development) Ordinance, 1999
    (xx) Sarawak Forestry Corporation Ordinance, 1995
    (xxi) Sarawak Biodiversity Centre Ordinance, 1998
    (xxii) The Sarawak Biodiversity Regulation, 2004
    (xxiii) Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation Ordinance, 1973
    (xxiv) The Sarawak Timber Industry (Registration) Regulations, 2008
    (xxv) Land Custody And Development Authority Ordinance, 1981
  • To coordinate, monitor and obtain the State Cabinet/Minister's approval concerning subject matters under the jurisdiction of ministry.
  • Tp protect the use of allocation given to the ministry.
  • To coordinate programmes and activities of the following agencies under Ministry of Resource Planning And Environment :

  • (i) Land And Survey Department
    (ii) Forest Department
    (iii) Sarawak Timber Industry Development Corporation (STIDC)
    (iv) Land Custody And Development Authority (LCDA)
    (v) Sarawak Forest Corporation (SFC)
    (vi) Lembaga Kumpulan Wang Kawasan Konsesi Hutan
    (vii) Natural Resources And Enviromental Board (NREB)