Client's Charter

  1. To Process Land application for Relocation Scheme/Village Expansion Scheme in 21 working days;
  2. To Process State Land Application and Land ownership transfer for various use except for Industrial Land in Industrial Estates within 21 working days;
  3. To complete Application of Geographical Name Suggestion for the Consideration of The State Geographical Naming Committee within 10 working days before any Meeting;
  4. To Process  Native Status Application within 21 working days;
  5. To process new GPL and EPL Mineral license application within 21 working days;
  6. To Process Reclassification of Land Application based on Section 4(1) & Section 4(3) Land Code Cap. 81(1958 Edition) Within 21 working days;
  7. To process New Certification of Registration Application of “Qualified Person” within 33 working days;
  8. To Process Land Reclamation Proposal based on Section 48, 5(3) & (4) and To Excise Native Collective Reserved  Area based on section6(4) Land Code Cap.81 (1958 Edition) within 21 Working Days;
  9. To Process Normal Housing Development Proposal not more than 10 acres withing 21 Working days;
  10. To Process Joined Native Land Reserved Declaration Proposal based on Section 6(1) Land Code.81 (1958 Edition) within 21 Working Days.;
  11. To Process Wharf License within 15 Working Days;
  12. To Process the Application of Timber Import Permit and to inform the status to the Agency within 16 Working Days ;
  13. To Process the application and the renewal of Forest Timber License until the handing over of license within 16 Working Days ; 
  14. To Process the Renewal of Qualified Person Certificate within 16 working days;
  15. To Process The Establishment Of Totally Protected Area Until The MMKN’s Decision Within 17 Working Days;
  16. To Process The Release/Cancelation Of Permanent  Forest Estate Status Until it has been Gazetted Within 16 Working Days;
  17. To process application for sub division and avtc for private within 59 working days;
  18. To process the Renewal of Quarry License Application within 15 working days; and
  19. To process the renewal of Mineral License MC/ML within 44 working days

Source :
Retreat  BSC dan SCS 10-20 Action Plan KPSAS
On 11-13 March  2016

Pindaan Piagam Pelanggan pada 29.10.2017

To process Interior Land relocation scheme application /Village expansion scheme in 21 working days