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Kemaskini Pada: 10 Dis 2018
Be role models of environmental protection
Tarikh : 14 Oct 2016

October 12, 2016, Wednesday
Karen Bong,

KUCHING: Students of primary and secondary schools as well as institutions of higher learning should be role models of environmental protection.

As such, many environmental awareness programmes had been organised for them by government departments and agencies so that they could lead by example on how to nurture and create a society that cares

for the environment, State Department of Environment (DOE) director Azuri Azizah Saedon said.

She was speaking at the official launching and prize presentation of the ‘Making New Out of Old’ competition that was jointly organised by the department, Trienekens Sarawak Sdn Bhd and Teacher Education Institute of Malaysia (IPG) Batu Lintang Campus held at the campus yesterday.

“Programmes such as this provide a platform to instil a sense of love for the environment among the community especially the younger generation,” she said.

“I am delighted to see and attracted by the inventions and creations showcased by participating students and teachers,” she added.

The programme was organised in conjunction with the National Environment Day 2016 celebration that falls on Oct 22 and will take place at the Kuching Waterfront.

Azuri disclosed that this year’s competition, divided in three categories, received overwhelming response from schools and

institutions around Kuching.

Some 115 students from 20 groups representing primary and secondary schools and 15 groups from institutions of higher learning participated in the competition.

“We hope to extend the competition to other divisions in Sarawak next year if we have the budget and allocation,” she said.

Azuri also hoped to see more collaborations and involvement through smart partnerships with both public and private sectors to create programmes that will have a positive impact on the community.

Meanwhile, Trienekens chief operating officer (COO) Alice Lee emphasised that protecting the environment needs the involvement of all quarters, especially when there is a need to change attitudes and behaviours.

“Thus, it is always a great opportunity to work together with relevant agencies, schools, colleges, universities and communities alike to spread the message of care and love for our environment,” she said.

Trienekens, she shared, had carried out many environmental activities with schools and colleges in an effort to improve awareness among the younger generation of the importance of proper waste management and of keeping the environment clean and healthy, free from the negative impact of waste pollution.

“Environmental awareness programmes such as the one we are having today (yesterday) opens up our mind and views about how we can better manage our waste,” she pointed out.

“It teaches us to reduce, reuse, and recycle and how we can improve our habits to create a cleaner, sustainable environment and ultimately preserve and conserve our precious natural resources,” she added.

Lee hopes to see more of such collaboration in the coming years.

Meanwhile, in the Primary School category, SK Kampung Senari emerged the winner with their Smart Line Maker project and went home with RM500, a trophy and certificate of participation.

The Smart Line Maker is an apparatus made from a used wheelbarrow, empty engine oil container, used PVC pipe and other unwanted components like wood, nuts and screws.

The apparatus, according to teacher Sulaiman Ameran, is a creation to help in painting and marking lines on fields, halls and courts especially during school sports days.

SK Matang Jaya grabbed the second prize of RM300 while SJK Chung Hua Sungai Buda took the third prize of RM200. Both received a trophy and certificate of participation each.

In the Secondary School category, SMK Semerah Padi (Group A) won the first prize of RM600, a trophy and certificate of participation with their project Triple T Bag and Tin Tin Tote.

Teacher Grace Sim revealed that the school started collecting tin can tabs for the project last year.

Kolej Datu Patinggi Abang Haji Abdillah went home with the second prize of RM400 while another group from SMK

Semerah Padi won the third prize of RM200. Both were awarded with a trophy and certificate of participation each.

In the Higher Learning Institution category, Politeknik Kuching was announced the winner with their Natural and Renewable Inkjet for Printers project.

The team from the Department of Petrochemical Engineering went home with RM700, a trophy and certificate of participation.

Student Aqeela Zaafirah Shahbudin explained the idea was inspired by the expensive and overpriced tricolour inkjet for printers.

“It led to the research and study for an economical, simple and bio-friendly method to produce ink for printers.

“This inkjet uses pigments from turmeric (yellow colour), roselle flower (red colour) and Asian pigeon wing flower (blue colour). The pigments are mixed with recycled cooking oil to produce inks that are natural but with quality,” she said.

“At the moment, we are providing printing services for students in the hostel only,” she shared.

Asia Metropolitan College took home the second prize of RM500 while Group 6 of Politeknik Kuching grabbed the third

prize of RM300. Both were also awarded with a trophy and certificate of participation each.

IPG Batu Lintang Campus academic lecturer Dr Tiwi Kamidin and Education Department’s Human Resource Development Management Sector Group supervisor Abdul Samad Rosli were present.